Ready To Print Version 3.3 Update On the Way

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Coming soon to your app store – Version 3.3 of Ready To Print

Thank you to all of our loyal users! We’re happy to bring you this maintenance and feature update.
New in version 3.3.0:

– New optional animated star trail in paths and shapes activities. This will be on by default,
but you can turn it off in settings.

– Tracing lines are now slightly wider with a high-contrast edge to enhance visibility.

– In the Ordered Touch activity, inactive items are now displayed as shadows, and the active
item bounces faster. This aids in visual discrimination, helping the student identify
the next item more easily.

– Fixed a logic bug which was causing some on-off settings to not be remembered correctly
when accessing the settings function.

– If there is not sufficient space to save settings or progress on the device, a warning
will be displayed.

– Several other minor improvements and bug fixes, including up-to-date support for the latest
devices and software releases.