Jobpix Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Jobpix and Jobpix Lite apps by Essare LLC
This policy was last updated on January 8, 2017.

What versions of Jobpix and Jobpix Lite does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all versions of Jobpix and Jobpix Lite, referred to as “Jobpix” in the rest of this document.

What information does Jobpix collect?

Jobpix collects and stores (on the device) app settings (selections made by the user), and photos taken with the app. Some versions of Jobpix may also collect anonymous usage statistics about how often the problem is opened, and if errors are encountered in the app.

What does Jobpix do with the information it collects?

Photos and settings data is not sent to us or other third parties. Photos are sent when initiated by the user. They are sent via e-mail using a separate email app on the device, which will have its own privacy policy. If anonymous usage statistics are collected, they are sent to a third party analytics provider, who may provide Essare LLC with reports that show aggregated usage statistics. If you use features of your device to back up data on it, the information stored by the Jobpix app may be included in this data.

How is the information protected?

Information stored by Jobpix is protected by whatever means most other app data is protected on your device.   Some devices fully encrypt all data on your device automatically.   For other devices, this is a feature you need to explicitly turn on.   Finally, for some devices, the manufacturer may not offer this capability.

Does Jobpix display advertising from third parties?


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